This, for example, is what the two-time All-Met and defensive player of the year said earlier this month at Looney’s in College Park, when he committed to the Terps.

“I want to win a championship, I want to win bowl games,” Diggs said, via Paul Tenorio. “Where else is a better place to do it than your city?”

Later, he talked to Josh Barr about the way he had used Twitter to keep fans interested in his choice, even after the decision was made.

“I didn’t want anybody to know until I played my cards,” Diggs said. “It wasn’t really a secret, but I didn’t want anybody else to know. When it’s [time for] business, it’s business. But this is Twitter. It’s just social networking.”

And speaking of Twitter, above please find Diggs’s catchy thoughts on Jeremy Lin.

This came Thursday night, when Diggs had praised Kobe Bryant on his own Twitter feed. A Lin fan responded with praise for the Knicks guard. At which point Diggs recommended said fan “get off Lin’s egg roll and dumplings,” and then repeated that advice for all of us.

The lesson, as always: I’m glad I didn’t have a Twitter account when I was 18. Now someone go find the pieces of Randy Edsall’s exploded skull.

(Via Larry Brown Sports via @RecordsANDRadio)