I think you should feel free to send me hate mail, fling rotten okra stems at WaPo headquarters and/or never read this blog again after I base an item on something Stephen A. Smith said, but nevermind. I believe in creating text-based historical records, for historical record-keeping purposes, and so history compels me to record Stephen A. Smith’s thoughts on Rex Grossman’s prediction.

“He’s played in the NFL for eight years, he has a grand total of 7,081 passing yards,” Smith said during a recent ESPN Radio conversation with Herm Edwards. “Low mileage, but this is a guy — low mileage and all, clearly low  mileage and all — this is a guy that guaranteed that the Redskins, the Washington Redskins, the team with a quarterback by the name of John Beck that might end up starting – sounds like a sitcom for crying out loud – this guy, Rex Grossman, says the Washington Redskins are gonna win the NFC East.

“With the Dallas Cowboys, with the New York Giants, with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Washington Redskins are gonna win the NFC East. Your thoughts?”

“That’s Rex Grossman,” Edwards said, in the same way one might say That’s Michele Bachmann . “I think he’s a guy that has a lot of confidence in his ability to play quarterback....He’s feeling like he’s gonna be the starter, and they’re gonna have the opportunity to win the division. Pretty good division. Pretty good division.” 

“There’s no way,” Smith interjected. “There’s no way on earth the Washington Redskins are winning the NFC East. Not a snowball’s chance in you know what.”

 “It’ll be kind of difficult,” Edwards allowed.

 “Oh please," Smith said. “You’re being diplomatic. I’ll take it away form you. You’re being diplomatic.”

Remember, just this week, Grossman repeated that “we are going to win the East.”

Which means the historical record will one day show that either Rex Grossman was wrong, or that Stephen A. Smith was wrong. It will also show that I am totally wrong for continuing to write about this, no doubt.