(LM Otero/AP)

“I’m not a negative guy,” he told me then. “I won’t say anything bad about anybody.”

Four games into his Redskins tenure, Bowen is at least comfortable enough to discuss the differences between home games in Dallas and Washington. Asked by ESPN 980’s Chris Russell to compare the atmosphere at home games, Bowen obliged.

“I don’t want to say anything bad, but the new stadium they have there, they sold a lot of seats to a lot of businesses and stuff,” Bowen said. “Texas Stadium had a lot of true fans. Once they had the new stadium, a lot of the real fans, they couldn’t afford it. You’d see games up there, you’d see people, they have their little corporate clap — Oh, good game! It used to kill me sometimes. Like, where’s the crowd noise at? To fit 100,000 people, you’d think you wouldn’t even hear the person next to you, but it’s not like that.”

And how does FedEx Field stack up?

Really loud,” Bowen said. “You really have to concentrate. You’re on defense, you want it loud for the offense, they’re messing up, but it’s also hard for us to communicate, too. So we try to do a good job echoing the call, whatever Fletch says we have to do. I mean, it’s way different than what I was used to.”