On Monday, Bowen will be coming out of the visiting team locker room at Cowboys Stadium for the first time. He played down the rivalry a bit, though, saying it’s simply important for the Redskins to pick up a second division win.

“It’ll be different, but we got one goal, that’s to come out with the win,” Bowen said. “I’m real excited to get down there and prove a point.”

This is how it went during training camp, when I tried my best to get Bowen to say something, anything, with a little bit of anti-Dallas flavor.

Like, I told him that many Redskins fans hate the Cowboys.

“Yeah, I’ve got that vibe,” he said. “I don’t hate anybody. I think [fans] get caught up that we actually hate players. We’re all in the league. In the offseason, everybody around the league hangs out. But when you’re on the field, you have a goal to win. There’s no more friends. You’re very competitive. When I was in Dallas, I knew some people here on the Redskins, and I never hated those guys, but I always wanted to try to dominate them. So it’s the same now. When I play Dallas, I love those guys, but I’m gonna try to dominate them.”

So if he wasn’t going to bury the team, I thought maybe he might want to say something at least a big snarky about the Dallas fans.

“I’m not a negative guy,” he said, declining my offer. “I’ll never really feed into that and try to say anything negative, because I was there for five years, and they were good to me when I was there. But now I’m in a different place and space in my life. I’m here in Washington, and I hope all the Washington Redskins fans support me, because I’m gonna work hard for them.”
(Would he at least say something bad about Eagles fans, I requested? “I won’t say anything bad about anybody,” Bowen said. Then I asked Barry Cofield about the NFC East cities. “The least favorite is definitely Philly,” he said. “They’re definitely the rudest and the most crude. They cross the line, in my opinion. Everywhere else I love playing.”

As for Bowen, he suggested that the Redskins-Cowboys thing was almost a bit lost on the Dallas locker room.

“When I was in Dallas, you know, we played Washington, that was more of a fan-based rivalry,” he said. “We actually just thought of it as a divisional game we have to win. So really Dallas, I can say those guys probably most likely don’t like the Giants. Those guys and the Giants really don’t like each other at all. Nobody really likes the Cowboys in the division.”

Fine, fine, but Tony Romo, at least? I mean, he has to have a little disdain for that quarterback, right?

“I don’t hate anybody,” Bowen insisted. “But I’m gonna try to sack him. Most definitely. I’m gonna sack him. I’m gonna try to get to him and sack him.”