“I’m a pretty intense person out there and it’s a long season, so sometimes it’s good to just laugh a little,” said Strasburg.

The guys went on to explain the personality difference between a Gonzalez start and a Strasburg start.

“When [Gio is] pitching we can talk to him, joke around. He likes to have a good time,” Zimmermann added. “When Stras is pitching, we like to stay away.”

“Bring a bullet proof vest,” Gonzalez joked. “Just the way [Strasburg] is, you know, he’s focused. You don’t wanna distract him.”

“They’re intimidated by me,” Strasburg explained. “I get my game face on and they’re just scared. They go to the end of the dugout.”

“We walk up to him with our baseball bat in our hand or something,” Gonzalez laughed. “Just in case he tries to get a little violent or something.”

The pitchers went on to talk more about their chemistry, the remainder of the season and Gio’s smile. I’m not able to embed the video, but you can watch the merriment here.


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