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“He’s comparable to no one in franchise history outside of Sammy Baugh,” Bram Weinstein wrote on Twitter, keeping the expectations nice and low by invoking possibly the greatest athlete this city has seen. “Don’t know he’ll ever be the passer Sonny was, but what ability!”

And yet — and I’m not trying to be a jerk here — at least a few non-D.C.-based football fans saw this as occasion to make fun of the Redskins. Which is sort of the exact opposite reaction D.C. football fans had.

Darnell Dockett: LMFAOOOOOO the Redskins gave up that ricky williams [stuff]. LOL a whole draft for RG3 LOL I'm dying LOL I’m gonna wear a skins hat tonight!

Clinton Portis: Wow skins never to be outdone its great to get RG3 but whos gonna help him the next 3yrs?

Mark May: For the Redskins next trade how about Redskins park and Fed Ex field for a bridge or team to nowhere! Love RG3 but now you have ZERO future picks to put talent around him Jackwagons! Maybe for Christmas Danny and the Redskins will get D Trumps book the art of the deal.

Seth Myers: I wish Dan Snyder was in my fantasy football league.

Drew Magary: To you Skins fans who are like “Actually, we really only gave up TWO first round picks,” YOU AREN’T MAKING THE DEAL SOUND ANY BETTER.

(Yes, plenty of national analysts praised the move, too.)

Anyhow, one of the few D.C. voices who joined some of the national critics is actually employed by Dan Snyder. That would be ESPN 980’s Steve Czaban, who expressed his dissatisfaction over 1,700 words, using phrases like “brainless,” “stupid,” “panicked,” “roster malpractice,” “dearly overpaid” and “desperate.” Here’s one excerpt:

The other big argument in favor of this move, is purely emotional. It goes something like this... “After 20 years without a franchise quarterback, you have to pay whatever price it takes.”

Oh, really?

Why? Because Robert Griffin III is the LAST quote “franchise” quarterback the college game is ever going to produce? Because if the Redskins don't make the playoffs this year, the NFL has announced the franchise will be folded forever?


The answer is simple. The owner is desperate. The coach is desperate. And when the fan base is also desperate, you have fertile conditions for “stupid.”

This, though, is not a conversation most Redskins fans are interested in having right now. If you’re a cynic, though, read the rest of Czabe’s thoughts.