The former Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and New York Knicks guard is now the impresario behind fledgling hip-hop label Mazerati Music, which is sort of like Maybach Music except with fewer rappers you’ve heard of (READ: probably no rappers you’ve heard of). He’s even spitting some himself, as evidenced by the official video for his new cut, “Finer Things.” The song itself is very perfectly Steve Francis, in that it is pretty soundly stuck in the mid-2000s.

Well, a recent appearance on ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room brings a few updates to this tale.

1) Mazerati Music is not fledgling.

“You know, music is something that I’ve been doing,” Francis told Scott Jackson. “Recently people have just noticed, but I’ve been doing it for 13 years, on the low. And my music company Mazerati Music — — we’ve been doing really well. We’ve been on tours and things like that.”

“Right now, I’m not really sure [about the future],” Francis told the station. “Watching the playoffs and looking at teams, being 35 years old and being a veteran, you have to pick where you’re gonna go as far as playing basketball. And those doors are still open for myself....The windows for basketball are still open for me.”

3) In the meantime, aside from the music and the basketball, Francis is helping open Montgomery County parks.

Like, parks that my daughter might realistically use. Thanks, Steve.

The ribbon-cutting pictured here took place Sunday at the newly renovated Takoma-Piney Branch park, which was given $70,000 from Francis’s foundation for major improvements including:

* A refurbished basketball court featuring a color-coated surface and six new basketball goals, enabling half-court play;

* Two new playgrounds;

* A new skateboard park,

* A new picnic pavilion; and

* “Takoma Trees”— sculptures at both entrances to the park, created by local artist Judy Sutton Moore, with support from the Montgomery County Arts and Humanities Council.

Francis’s signature was also supposed to be painted on the surface of the basketball court.

(Images via @ChrisSBarclay and @virtuousbeauti_)