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But it turns out that Spurrier is on-board, at least for this season. The South Carolina coach was on ESPN Radio Tuesday morning, and Colin Cowherd asked him about Rex Grossman’s performance on Sunday.

“People always ask me about all the quarterbacks I’ve coached, and obviously Danny Wuerffel is still the greatest,” Spurrier said. “In four years he wins four SEC championships and the national. And he just had a knack, his ball would get there at the right time at the right place, and such a smart [player] and probably the best leader-type quarterback that I’ve been able to coach also.

“But Shane Matthews was very good also, first few years there, and Shane actually played 16 years in the NFL. Now he wasn’t a big-time starter all those years, but he hung in there 16 years. We’ve had Jesse Palmer.

“And now Rex is up there, and I’ve told people Rex is the best pure passer I think I’ve ever coached. He can throw the ball naturally. His ball comes out with a nice spiral, he’s got no wasted motion, he’s got that nice little hitch step where he hops and the ball zings out there and so forth. I watched him last Sunday, pulling for him and pulling for the Skins of course, and he really looked good.”

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