(Sundberg grabs his left arm after breaking it late in the first half.)

“Every time they come out with a new one, I’ve tried it,” he said. “It hurts a lot. It completely incapacitates you. Usually it’s a five-second run time. All your muscles lock up. When we did it, we tried to do it as safely as possible. We’d have two guys stand there so you don’t face-plant. But the second it’s off, it’s off, and you’re like, ‘What did I just do?’ There’s no pain or anything. That’s why I was able to keep going back to it over and over again.”

Weird dude. Anyhow, the pain of tasing the crap out of yourself apparently does not compare to the pain of long-snapping a football nine times with a broken left arm.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever put myself through,” Sundberg said Monday morning during a call-in with 106.7 The Fan’s Junkies. “I surprised myself on a couple occasions. I broke the same bone in high school so I knew what to expect, but I never thought it was gonna be that bad.”

Sundberg said he received a “very small dosage of pain killers” and an anti-inflammatory shot before re-taking the field. He had seven credited snaps in the second half, but one Sav Rocca punt was called back and punted again, and another was wiped out due to a penalty, meaning he actually had to snap the ball nine times. Punting hurt worse than field-goaling, too.

“I grabbed [Robert Griffin III] at one point,” Sundberg recalled. “I think it was in the third quarter. We had just had another field goal, and I grabbed him and I was like, ‘Robert, do me a favor, let’s not punt any more.’ He’s like what do you mean? I’m like, ‘Dude, my arm hurts so bad, I don’t want to go back out there for punts, let’s just kick more field goals.’ He’s like, all right, I’ll do what I can.”

Sundberg said the injury was “a full break,” and that he was heading into Redskins Park on Monday to explore options with special teams coach Danny Smith and the team’s trainers, to see if his season can continue. And he said he convinced himself on Sunday that the pain really wasn’t a big deal.

“It was more adrenaline than anything when it happened,” he said. “I broke the same arm before, so I knew exactly what had happened right when it happened. So I was more pissed off than anything, because I knew I had just broke my arm. I’m like, well this really sucks...and I was really, really upset.

“So I think the shock that I had just broken my arm and the adrenaline racing was covering up the pain at that point,” he continued. “When that went away and it kind of set in, it was definitely pretty awful. But I was just happy that I was able to fight through it and deal with it, just to tell myself that it didn’t hurt. And we were able to get the W.”

Also, Sundberg is still fairly confident in his abilities.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in the world better than I am,” he said. “I’ll line up against anybody, in front of anybody, and I’ll out-snap them. I’ve got no problem with that.”


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