“Only Papa John’s Pizza can bring the Cowboys & Redskins together,” the pizza chain’s Facebook page said at the time.

Well, turns out that was incorrect. The NFL Fit For You Women’s Apparel campaign can also bring the Cowboys & Redskins together, in the form of Daniel Snyder’s wife and Jerry Jones’s daughter.

“As the Redskins prepare to take on the Cowboys Monday night, there seems like no better time to showcase the NFL’s new women’s campaign focusing on rivalries!” the WOW Redskins blog reported this week. “Featuring Mrs. Tanya Snyder, wife of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, and Charlotte Jones Anderson, Dallas Cowboys EVP of Brand Management & Daughter of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, the campaign is part of this year’s NFL Fit For You Women’s Apparel campaign, highlighting the NFL’s effort to bring its female fans more ways to show off their team pride at the game, at the office, on the town and at home with the new apparel campaign and website to accompany it.”

The campaign’s categories of rivalry include geographic, sibling, championship and divisional, the latter of which covers the Snyder/Anderson thing.

The NFL women’s rivalry page, however, is featuring Giants vs. Eagles this week, highlighted by Jerry Reese’s daughter in beach apparel.

The female NFL fans I know, incidentally, definitely follow the sport because they’re interested in what types of team-branded clothes the daughters of NFL GMs wear to the beach.