Since I’ve spent like 15 percent of my recent work time reading and/or writing about Ted Leonsis’s thoughts about The Washington Post, I can hardly ignore his suggestions to The Post sports department.

This came after an e-mail to Leonsis from Washington media site DC Porcupine, who asked the owner how he’d change The Post’s sports coverage were he in charge.

I think the sports coverage is good; I would add more local high school coverage and more woman’s sports coverage in general.

I think the blogs are well done; no beef from me.

In case it wasn’t clear, no beef from me either, and not just because I’m a vegetarian. My Leonsis blanket coverage is all in good fun in the end, and I would happily share a beef-free veggie burger in the owner’s box any day of the week. I’d even pay 30 cents.

That said, his advice doesn’t exactly mesh with my own thoughts. I started in high school sports here, and loved it, and enjoy few things more than going to a WCAC basketball game, or even an ISL field hockey game. But in times like these, I’d probably quadruple-down on the Redskins and Caps and Nats, and focus on only the most extraordinary high school sports stories (plus the high-end football and basketball.

If we had to choose. Which I wish we didn’t.

(Via DC Porcupine)