I was sitting at my kitchen table the other day eating a bowl of cereal. I like to read something while I’m eating cereal, but I don’t like to move. The only reading material within arm’s length was the Caps’ 2011-12 media guide. I looked for a lot of text, suitable to a bowl of cereal, and found Ted Leonsis’s biography.

Which, apparently, I had never read, because I definitely never knew that Leonsis invented a board game. Co-invented. Whatever.

“He co-invented a very successful board game called ‘Only in New York,’ ” the bio reads.

Well, straight to eBay went I. You can buy a vintage never-played copy of “Only in New York’ from 1985 for the low low price of $7.08. The credits list one “Teddy Leonsis” as among the game’s four creators, dubbed “Three Ethnics and a WASP.” He’s one of the ethnics.

You win the game by earning the letters N-E-W-Y-O-R-K after answering at least one question correctly in each of the Outer Boroughs and each Outlying County. You then have to travel to Central Park and answer a final question. There are also muggings, Redeem-a-Turn Subway passes, a heliport and hidden clues to difficult questions.

Here are some images. I love board games. If anyone wants to spot me the $7, I’ll chip in the eight cents, and we can have a group game night. I’ll invite Leonsis.