All excerpts taken with love from Ted’s Take.

January 1: “Doomsday sells! Writers and Bloggers love to predict the end of the world; of the season; of the era; of a career — of anything. Puppies and sunsets don’t sell. Human sacrifice sells. Humiliation is good — encouragement is bad....2012 – my advice – try to be happy – happier than you were in 2011; don’t listen to unhappy dooms day predictors – in any field; about anything....I believe we can be happy. You heard it here first, on my blog.”

February 12: “While everyone else is doubling down on ‘local,’ the Washington Post is cutting back. Time will tell whether this strategy is a good one but it is counter to what is happening in the market....Cutting back on newsroom staff in Metro opens the door for many new local media companies. This is a sad state of affairs. The Post would rather send people to London and the Olympics than staff reporters in Bethesda, Maryland, or Great Falls, Virginia, or Cleveland Park in DC. Bad move. Read this article on the Washington Post in the Washington Post. It is all downhill from here.”

February 8: “Bad news is sad news. Read here about the Washington Post and today’s cutbacks in the news room.”

February 7: “Here is an interesting story on local and how newspapers missed the overall media rally over the last two years....New media businesses that focus on the big new opportunity where local information and commerce intersect build big value. Traditional businesses that wrote the book on local seem to be shrinking. Growth is rewarded....Out with the old and in with the new on Wall Street as it pertains to local.”

February 3: “Rebuilding a team is hard enough without the local pixel maker piling on; but this is an annual rite of passage — all teams go through it here via the Washington Post....This Washington Post article was quite predictable. Picture and captions to; quite clichéd.”

January 12: “I bet I can find a half a dozen articles — with photos from the Washington Post — just like this one. We used to note that we awaited the annual ‘let us make fun of the attendance woes’ story in the Washington Post....Our season ticket sales are up over 70 percent year over year. I bet most newspapers would be envious of that kind of growth.”

December 22: “Forbes Magazine clocks in at #99 [in U.S. magazine subscriptions] with less than one million. Wow. Shrinking. Puny. Not of scale. How will they stay in business and remain relevant? Can they?...We should rank magazines one day as to value as they rank sports teams and franchises. That would be fun....I love that US News and World Report ranks and critiques colleges and universities, too. It is the go to source and yet it is no longer a magazine. Go figure. Try to subscribe to it today. It isn’t even listed here because it no longer exists!...I wouldn’t want to be in the magazine publishing business. ‘Physician heal thyself.’ ”

Be happy. You can do it.