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And when I finally read the item Tuesday, along with the impassioned partisan responses it spawned in the comments section, my inclination was to ignore the matter entirely.

But as one longtime reader correctly pointed out, had Daniel Snyder taken such a strong and public political stance, his message would certainly be reflected somehow on our Web site, and that it would thus be weird to entirely ignore Leonsis doing the same. I can’t help but agree.

So here’s one relevant portion of Leonsis’s item, which really should be read in full:

I voted for our President. I have maxed out on personal donations to his re-election campaign. I forgot his campaign wants to raise $1 billion. THAT is a lot of money–money–money–money! Money still talks. It blows my mind when I am asked for money as a donation at the same time I am getting blasted as being a bad guy!

Someone needs to talk our President down off of this rhetoric about good vs. evil; about two classes and math.

Our country was founded on the premise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Is anyone happy right now with all of this?

Hit a reset button ASAP.

Rethink how to talk to businesses and sell business leaders on your plan to make America great!

Many of us want to be a part of the solution. We aren’t the problem.

Leonsis also implied that Obama is himself living a lavish lifestyle at the White House, wrote that the Democratic Party’s economic strategy is “a bad move,” and said the president’s rhetoric “is really turning off so many people that love American and basically carry our country on their back by paying taxes and by employing people and creating GDP.”

No doubt your response to this argument will be informed by your own political leanings, and heck if I’m going to say anything about my own response. Needless to say, though, Leonsis’s post led to other blog posts from partisan sites, like “Successful Businessman and Obama Supporter Ted Leonsis on Obama’s Marxist Class Warfare Rhetoric,” and “Wealthy Obama Donor Not A Fan Of Class Warfare,” and “Donor Angered by Obama ‘Class Warfare’” (Fox News, woot!), and “Multimillionaire Donor Decries Obama’s Class Warfare,” that last one appearing on the National Review’s site, which is not a site dedicated to D.C.’s baseball team.

Which is all a bit different from the headlines Leonsis used to generate concerning the president, like this one, from the D.C. Sports Bog: “Obama and Ted Leonsis at the Mystics game.”

Anyhow, maybe this will all spur the president to finally Barack the Red, and the two men can sit down and hash things out over some delicious Hard Times veggie nachos and chili macs.

Oh, by the way, Hard Times is coming to Verizon Center, via Ted’s Take, your number one blog for sports concession news and political treatises.