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“We are looking into that,” he said. “One of the things that we would like to use is technology, where I hope one day fans can order on their cell phones, on their mobile devices, and either have the food delivered to them or that there’s some kind of express checkout because they’ve ordered. And by the time they go up there should be a line where they can get that.

“We’re also working very hard to speed up and overstaff, just to make sure that our fans get the best service, and we introduced some [workers] bringing the beer into the arena and bringing hot dogs and cracker jacks as delivery, and that seems to be helping. But yeah, I get it, and I promise that we’ll do everything we can to make the experience better and better.”

At which point host Bruce Alan asked whether this remote ordering would be terribly expensive.

“No, it shouldn’t be,” Leonsis said. “I think that you can use Twitter of Facebook or e-mail or text to be able to get food ordered, and there should be some kind of fee to have someone deliver it right to your seat. People want convenience, and they’ll pay for that. But I agree, it hurts when people are standing in line and the game has re-started, so we’re doing everything we can to try to move the lines.”

Also on the concessions docket? More mayo.

“I hear what the fans are complaining about,” Leonsis said. “Two years ago I made news by saying that I was gonna walk around and make sure that the ketchup dispensers were filled, and everyone laughed, but that was an issue. And this weekend one of the number one complaints was mayonnaise, and it was passionate, that there were stands that didn’t have mayonnaise.”

Anyone who sent the owner of the Capitals an e-mail about mayo seriously needs to think about his or her life priorities, by the way. Mustard? I mean, maybe. Not mayo, though.

Other issues.

Verizon Center Wireless: “It has been a big issue. Over the weekend I got a couple of friendly e-mails saying hey thank you, I was able to get online, but it’s our biggest issue. No matter how much capacity we bring in, it gets used, as people go from reading their e-mail to posting photos to wanting to watch CSN and the game itself on their iPads. And we didn’t initially design the arena to be a multimedia theater, but that’s what the fans want, and we’re doing our best to accommodate them.”

Buying the Redskins: “Dan’s a friend and Dan owns the team. If someone was asking Dan Snyder whether he wanted to buy the Caps or Wizards, I would be hurt and offended, so I don’t think it’s a question that deserves to be addressed. I’ve got my hands full with the teams that I own, and I wish I could do a better job for our fans and make our teams winners. And my focus right now is on one thing: trying to keep our fans really really happy and to win a championship for one of our three teams. And right now the Caps are in-season, and that’s the singular focus of every person associated with the organization.”

Bringing back the Freedom: “Again, I’m so busy, and not successful yet. And so I’m really flattered when people say you should take on this, you should take on that, but I don’t feel we have the bandwidth nor the skills yet to be deserving of running and managing more things.”