I guess Ted Leonsis’s list of 101 things he wants to do before he dies has been around long enough that I should have memorized the unchecked items. Like, he still hasn’t been to Bali, if you can believe that. Neither has he gone swimming with Great White Sharks. Or played St. Andrews. Or purchased a mountain home that stays in the family.

I mean, seriously Ted, who hasn’t purchased a mountain home that stays in the family? Amateur.

Anyhow, Leonsis brought up another of the unchecked items during a Tuesday appearance on Fox 5’s morning show, when he was asked what he’d like to do next.

“I’d like to go into outer space,” Leonsis replied. “I’m looking into some of these flights where you can achieve weightlessness to see what that would feel like. I think that’s one thing that before I do pass on I would like to experience. I’d like to be up and look at the world and get that very unique perspective.”

Me, I’m hoping to pickle cauliflower before I die. In Bali. While swimming with sharks.