It’s never a good idea if you are a member of the media to post April Fools’ stories. Especially when you write about the Wizards. Especially especially if Ted Leonsis reads your blog.

Bullets Forever published a blog post Sunday headlined “Wizards To Sell Naming Rights on Jerseys To Nicorette.” We knew better than to take it seriously. Why would such news be announced during the season? Why wouldn’t the Wizards announce it themselves? Who would want their name on Wizards jerseys anyway?

It was a harmless prank, but apparently there were some people out there who forgot that nothing that happens on the internet on April Fools’ Day counts.

Ted addressed the story, and the apparent ensuing invisible frenzy it caused, on his blog.

I wanted to go on record to say my quotes were fabricated. I did NOT respond nor was I contacted in any way about this story. I did not participate in any way in this blog post and prank. 

Further, there is no Wizards jersey designed with this sponsor on it. This is all photoshoped. The blog was done I am sure in fun and without malice – but it is important for me and for us to distance ourselves from its content .And to set the record straight. Thank you.

A quick google search tells me that there were no follow up stories by other outlets, meaning that no one who mattered fell for it. Unfortunately for the folks at Bullets Forever, there are sites that contain content widgets that aggregate Wizards news automatically. Little sites like Yahoo and Sports Illustrated.

So now, as Ted puts it, “this story is in pixels and captured in the algorithm forever.”