Turns out that series will also have a theme. Ads will run in The Post’s Wednesday editions, dubbing the final three games of 2012 the “TEDDY IN 2012” series. (Or #TeddyIn2012, on Twitter.)

The series will feature special offers of $2 and $6 tickets (for 26, because Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th president.) There will also be Teddy-themed giveaways for each game: Teddy eye black on Monday the 1st (20,000 fans will each get a “Teddy” and a “26” eye black strip), Teddy bumper stickers for the first 20,000 fans on Tuesday the 2nd, and Teddy pins for the first 20,000 fans on Wednesday the 3rd.

The $2 and $6 seats will be available at nationals.com/post, and are being advertised for all three games.

Separately, it turns out that Teddy was training with some Army folks near Nats Park on Tuesday morning. I got these photos from Bob Colella, a retired Air Force colonel who teaches national security strategy at the National War College, which is located on the grounds of Fort McNair in Southwest..

“It looked like he was getting pretty motivated,” the professor told me, with what sure sounded like a straight face. “They were running with him, giving him some help with his running, I think. I kind of just assumed it had to do with Teddy not being able to win. I offered, come inside, we might be able to help with strategy. That’s what we do here, we teach strategy.”

Colella, as it happens, is based in Roosevelt Hall, a building whose cornerstone was laid by the 26th president back in 1903. Just this week, he was teaching his students about Jomini and Clausewitz, so he thought Teddy might be interested in “some of the finer points of Jomini — go directly at the center of your enemy’s gravity — or maybe more of a Sun Tzu approach, which would be of course to attack your enemies’ allies.”

And Teddy’s response?

“He was really focused,” the professor told me. “He had the same grin the whole time.”


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