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Teddy loses 500th race in violent fashion

Earlier this month, Paul Orzulak alerted to the fact that this past Saturday was to be Teddy’s 500th consecutive loss in the Presidents Race, more straight losses than any other competitor in sports history.

Through seven seasons of defeat, there have been some doozies.

Teddy has been tripped and tackled. He’s pulled a hamstring. He’s been attacked by a panther. He’s slipped on banana peels, run the wrong way and been disqualified for riding a scooter, a Segway, a golf cart, a zip line and a rickshaw. Most often, he’s been distracted at the last minute — by popsicles,signs in the stands, Mother’s Day flowers, a kangaroo, a rally penguin, a racing monkey, a giant panda, a rogue lobster, a juggling clown, Miss Iowa and even the space shuttle Discovery.

Well, he lost (video below), and now we can add “violently headbutted by George Washington” to the list.

Rumor has it that Roger Goodell has put George on notice.

(via Let Teddy Win)


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