Ever since Terrell Stoglin was suspended by Maryland for violating its student-athlete code of conduct, and subsequently declared for the NBA draft, his Twitter stream has contained a steady dose of optimistic talk. Like, really really optimistic talk.

As you can see below, Stoglin regularly re-tweets suggestions that, for example, he will be the No. 1 pick in this week’s draft, or a perennial NBA all-Star. Call me a cynic, but that seems optimistic.

So I, and others, have wondered what’s going on here.

1) Are Stoglin’s fans just unbelievable optimists, with Stoglin re-tweeting them as a sly wink at the amazing passion of true believers?

2) Or, on the other hand, are Stoglin’s followers playing a sick joke on him, attempting to see just how crazy a statement they can make while still earning a re-tweet?

3) Is the entire thing perhaps a joke, concocted by Stoglin and his followers together, meant to ensnare a dodo Web writer like me?

4) Or does the whole batch of them really believe in all of this, that Stoglin will be the steal of the first round if he’s taken anywhere other than No. 1 or maybe No. 2 overall?

I have no idea, but below please find eight of the most optimistic re-tweets that have come through Stoglin’s account in recent weeks. And for the record, Chad Ford has Stoglin ranked No. 69 among prospects, Draft Express has him ranked No. 75, and Jeff Goodman has him ranked No. 86.

Terrell Stoglin (Maryland) will be the steal in the First Round of the 2012 NBA DRAFT. Not mentioned on any mock drafts,NBA teams know him.

— Chad Groth (@areacodes) June 12, 2012

Don’t know what all this anthony davis hype is about, @tstoglin12 is the best pure scorer in NBA draft. def going to be an all-star

— Sam Oldhouser (@soldhouser) June 6, 2012

Still cant believe that @tstoglin12 is gone! He will always be a terp!! Forget about anthony davis, stoglin 1st pick fo sure

— Hudson Graves (@hudsON_EM_) May 18, 2012

All these “mock drafts” are bullsh!t how you gonna leave out the #ACC leading scorer. can’t wait till draft day.

— ✡ Rene Savage. (@AlmightySavage) June 18, 2012

Bleacher report has terrell stoglin drafted at 17. im SO confused. thats a pretty credible source and everyone else says he wont be drafted

— Shane McComas (@yaboishane3) May 7, 2012

I cant wait to watch Terp legend @tstoglin12tear up the NBA. HS Star, College Star, NBA Star, an amazing young man!

— Noah Stein (@noahstein90) May 20, 2012

@tstoglin12 can’t wait to see you get drafted my man. Followed u since u became a terp. Changed my number to 12. #dobigthings

— Alex Joseph (@AZJJoseph1) June 24, 2012