Since John Beck is serving as talk-radio and blog manna in much the same way Albert Haynesworth did a year ago — or at least, he is in my mind — I will try to record every word that is said about him in some fashion. Mostly in tattoo form on the back of my calf, but also in some blog items.

Terrence Austin, via Larry Brown Sports: “When Beck came there from Baltimore, I worked with him on the practice squad. He was the third quarterback, so he was mainly throwing me the football. Good guy, real smart, intelligent quarterback. Good leadership capabilities. If he works hard, he can be something for you....As long as he works hard, the offense isn’t that complicated. As long as he gets there and works on the playbook and tries to work something out, he can make it happen.”

Fred Davis, via CSN Washington: “All those guys are competitive guys. Donovan, you know, his accolades. You’ve got Rex, who’s done it before, he went to a Super Bowl before, he’s ready too. He’s a veteran quarterback now. You’ve got Beck. You know, he’s hungry, you know what I mean, to prove himself.”

Billy Kilmer, via Redskins Blog: “I’d be very quiet. I’d do all my talking on the field, and in practice, and working, and being the best quarterback that he can be. That would be my attitude.”

Carlos Rogers on 106.7 The Fan: “It’s kind of hard because I’ve just seen John Beck in practice, and he’s been basically running the other team’s offense. You can’t get a true picture of him. I know he’s got an arm, I think he’s gonna be a pretty good quarterback, but as far as reading coverages and seeing different schemes, seeing guys at one position but that ball’s snapped and they're running to another position< I haven’t seen all that....I haven’t seen that, but what I’ve seen, I know he’s got an arm, and I think he’s gonna be a pretty good quarterback.”

Scott Van Pelt, on ESPN 980: “I don’t know if you’ve seen the film MacGruber, but there’s a headshot of Beck where he looks like MacGruber. I want that guy being the quarterback on general principle, just because he has a mullet.”

Adam Schefter, “It might sound odd saying it, but the Washington Redskins are expected to head into training camp — if and when there is training camp — with John Beck as their starting quarterback. It will be his job to lose....The Redskins believe in Beck, and he will go into camp as the Washington Redskins’ starting quarterback, barring the unforeseen.”