I’ve been mildly sympathetic to Nats fans who bemoan the team’s focus on the Giant Racing Presidents, the dubbing of their circus act the “main event” at Nats Park, their constant appearances around town to promote a team that also features actual baseball players.


Same goes for Terry from Boston, who was asked on Friday about the Boston fans going nuts for Dustin Pedroia as he tried to extend his hitting streak.

“I do think our fans are pretty special,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona told reporters. “They do react to things like that. It’s part of what makes Fenway so great. We don’t need to have president races or mustard racing ketchup; our fans like our baseball, and I actually really think that’s cool. Nothing against mustard.”

Yeah, well, nothing against Neil Diamond, but some of us are sick of hearing that stupid Dah Dah DAH, too. To say nothing of your beach balls and your green mascots and your stilt walkers and face painters.

Seriously, man. Lay off the presidents.