Moments after Bryce Harper said, “That’s a clown question, bro,” on Tuesday night, my friend Matt sent me a text, suggesting that we would be hearing this phrase “until the heat death of the universe.”

I was unconvinced.

I was wrong.

Maybe the thing has already run its course, but Tuesday’s TACQB coverage was so intense and wide-ranging that I have to provide a wrap-up, now that the clown dust has settled.


Mike Allen of Politico: “Washington Nats phenom Bryce Harper’s response to a Toronto TV reporter who asked whether the 19-year-old Mormon would be taking advantage of the lower drinking age while in Canada: “I’m not answering that. THAT’S A CLOWN QUESTION, BRO.” Who will be the first Washington newsmaker to employ that riposte?”

Chris Moody, Yahoo political reporter: “Pssst, @PressSec, the Internet will love you forever if you slip, “That’s a clown question, bro” into your WH briefing today.”

Dave Weigel of Slate and MSNBC: “Coming soon to a presidential press conference. ‘Uh, look. That’s, uh.... that’s a clown question, bro.’ ”

James Fallows of the Atlantic: “Let’s see Obama use this. Even Romney?”

Neil Irwin of The Post: “Kind of hoping that Bernanke responds to a question at next week’s press conference with ‘That’s a clown question, bro.’ ”

Navel Gazers

NPR: “If Twitter has its way, ‘That’s a clown question, bro.’ will join ’Don’t tase me, bro.’ in the annals of popular rhetorical comebacks.”

Reliable Source: “Bryce Harper, catchphrase genius: The magic of ‘clown question, bro’ analyzed”

Slate: “Perhaps, like pornography, you simply know a clown question when you see it. But to help our readers and journalistic peers steer clear of embarrassment (or at least being pelted with red, squeaky noses), we’ve compiled this trusty guide to the genre.”

AP: “Bryce Harper’s comebacks look ready for the big leagues, too....For a brief time, the highest trending topic on Twitter was Harper’s response: ‘That’s a clown question, bro.’’ The outfielder’s name was also among the site’s most popular subjects.”


There are compilations of some of the best video splice jobs at CSN Washington and at Nationals Inquisition.

One of my personal favorites, featuring Admiral Stockdale, is at the top. Another is above.

And here’s an Insane Clown Question, with naughty language.

Specialty Sites

With Leather provides a slideshow of the best “That’s a Clown Question Bro” tweets. promises a “Bryce-centric baseball blog.” Or at least it did on Wednesday, before it disappeared. provides many examples of clown questions.

The Score, which started this whole thing, provides a 22-minute podcast called “That’s a Clown Show, Bro.”

There are Twitter accounts @clownquestion and @clownquestions and I’m sure many more.

Harper’s haircut, bro.


Buy them here and here and here and here.


Here’s former GW star and Wizards reserve Mike Hall.

“That’s a clown question bro!” LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

Duffy’s Irish Pub offered free Jameson shots during Happy Hour for anyone saying That’s a Clown Question Bro.

D.C. Department of Transportation: “Is traffic going to be bad for the Nats’ games this wknd? That’s a clown question, Bro. Huge crowds expected - take transit.”

From a reader: “Thats a clown question, bro lead-in to the SportsCenter Top 10 this morning.”

The end.