Last Friday, in a little-noticed play, Nats first baseman Adam LaRoche let a poor bunt drop in front of him, then turned it into a double play. The video is above. It was a lovely defensive response to a popped-up bunt down the first-base line.

But there are other ways to approach a popped-up bunt down the first-base line, ways that demonstrate the difference between MLB’s best and worst teams. You could also have two teammates crash into each other, while a third soars futilely through the air, then have one of the crashees fling the ball into right field, and have the sprinting right fielder rifle the ball over the leaping catcher, allowing the go-ahead run to score from first, the batter to advance to third, and still-awake Nats fans to revel in your utter ineptitude at the sport of baseball.

The Astros went with that choice on Monday night. See video below.

“That was one of the most spectacularly awful play I’ve seen in some time,” MASN’s Dan Kolko wrote.

“A play that would infuriate Little League coaches,” Kilgore wrote

“Score the play single, E-3, E-9 and arguably the lowlight of the lowest season in Astros history,” the Houston Chronicle’s Zachary Levine requested.

“The caliber of play on the field began to resemble the rest of the minor league atmosphere,” Comak decided.

“One of the worst plays you’ll ever see,” MASN’s F.P. Santangelo said.

“What a collapsed circus tent that was,” Danny Rouhier wrote.

“LOSE,” summarized the Astros blog Crawfish Boxes.

Hey, they all count.