I’m not exaggerating: I could write 50 more blog posts about Vinny Cerrato’s 17-hour appearance on the Mike Wise Show this week. In fact, I probably will.

If you’ve got 17 hours to kill, I’d really recommend you listen. If you don’t have 17 hours and you want to read the comedic highlight, here it is. Until I find the next one. It began with a caller who wanted to respond to Cerrato’s contention that he would not draft Cam Newton.

Mike Wise: John, you there?

Vinny Cerrato: John? C’mon.

Caller: How you doing? Yeah, I just wanted really quickly to say that the first thing I’ve taken so far is that I would recommend to anybody you draft Cam Newton.

Wise: Yes, yes, Vinny said that.

Cerrato: You would draft him or would not?

Wise: No, Vinny said that he would not draft Cam Newton, go ahead.

Caller: Yeah, I would draft him because Vinny said he wouldn’t. Number 2, is it amazes me how smug Vinny can be sitting there knowing that he ruined a franchise that’s been storied for 12 to 15 years, and that he has every excuse in the book for why he failed other than the fact that he either made the wrong decision or was a yes man for a guy that is just completely incompetent.

Wise: He’s blaming you for destroying a franchise. Vinny, your response?

Cerrato: Well, I would tend to disagree with John. I mean, he’s got his opinion, so move on. Thanks for the opinion, John. Don’t agree with it, but thanks.