Oct. 31: We are short handed with lots of injuries. We don’t care about that. We care about keeping the other team from scoring.

Nov. 20: We have injuries mounting. Back-to-back games in the schedule are tough to recover from and for. We play a tough and more rested Flyers team tonight at home.We play a desperate Devils team on the road on Monday. A tough stretch of games. Wish us a speedy recovery and good health.

Nov. 21: I am proud that the team is hanging together through the loss of key players to injuries.

Nov. 23: Goaltending matters and last night’s injuries and call-ups weren’t the best way to get focused in such a critical format but it is what it is. No whining. We are good enough to overcome these situations.

Dec. 21: We have these tough little injuries to deal with, too: Jeff Schultz and his thumb in a cast. Mike Green is just banged up a lot and sick with flu. He is in the top 40 in scoring for D men. What does that say about his play this season? He has been slowed by being banged up and is playing like a warrior and for that we thank him. Nicklas Backstrom - flu. Alex Semin has a lower body injury. Eric Fehr has a family issue at home with the passing of a beloved family member. And on and on. Two steps forward then a step back.

Jan. 15: We have many injuries to overcome. Our lines seemed jumbled. Our power play is unproductive and is manned by our best players.

Feb. 16: Dealing with injuries and self doubt. As many of you have noted, it is time for our leaders to lead and for our best players to step up with 50+ standings points left on the table.

March 1: It is good and positive to generate pixels that glow but now it will come down to execution; chemistry; development; recovery from injuries; and some good luck.

March 8: The injuries are piling up though. We play yet again tomorrow night at home against Edmonton. In this grind it out year we have had to overcome many obstacles and multiple injuries and I am pleased with the team’s heart and determination.

March 11: The psyche of the team was worn out with so many injuries and so many grind it out games.

March 15: A goaltender; an All-Star #1 D man; a D man that plays 20+ minutes per game; a #1 center; and a #2 center are all out. What is next? Locusts?

March 19: We have even more injuries mounting. We shall rest up and go to Philly on Tuesday. Wish us well.

March 21: Ovi Is Out. Locusts anyone? Life goes on. Alex will miss some time. That is the news of the day. Every one of our core “young guns” this season - Ovechkin, Semin, Green and Backstrom - has missed a bunch of games this season due to injury. Add Poti, Fehr, Arnott and Varlamov to the mix, too. Life goes on.

And granted, the Caps’s injuries have hit many of the team’s most important players. Still, The Globe and Mail just published the total man-games lost to injuries for every NHL team this season. The Caps are almost exactly in the middle of the table. They rank 14th, with fewer games lost to injury than the West’s best two teams, and slightly more games lost to injury than the East’s best team.