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If I wanted to judge the total noise volume produced Saturday afternoon at the Verizon Center, I think I might want to ask the opinion of former PR maven Nate Ewell.

“Can’t match the last 5 min in 2009, but it sounds awfully loud at VC,” Ewell wrote from in front of his TV, and that sounds fair enough. It wasn’t the loudest I’ve ever heard the building, I wouldn’t think, but it was very very loud for a very very long time.

“Unbelievable,” Karl Alzner said. “Holy smokes, it was so loud me and Carly were sitting on the bench there at the end doing an interview with Pierre McGuire — couldn’t even hear the questions. It was insane. It’s definitely the most consistent amount of noise that we’ve had, for sure. Now, we’ve had it be loud before probably to the same decibel, but never that consistent for the whole game.”

“Unbelievable,” John Carlson agreed. “It was probably the loudest I’ve ever heard this place.”

“Loud,” John Erskine said. “Coming to our rink here, especially in playoffs, it’s such a crazy atmosphere.”

“Not gonna lie, thats the loudest I’ve ever heard Verizon Center! Great win, thanks for the help fans!” Eric Fehr tweeted.

“Thanks u caps fans!we love u!!!you guys kill tonight them!!it was the loudest rink!!!!!!!!!” Alex Ovechkin tweeted. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Loudest and BEST fans in the league! I think all of NYC heard you tonight!!” Erskine tweeted.

“A lot more fun playing at home than it is on the road, that’s for sure,” Matt Hendricks said. “No, they were incredible. It’s just like a sixth man out there.”

“I think that was just joy and also competitive spirit with the crowd at Madison Square Garden,” Ted Leonsis said. “I think they really took it on themselves [to upstage MSG]. And it was interesting, I got a lot of e-mails on what the chants were gonna be, and I said you know, I’m not getting into it, it has to be yours. It’s not mine, it’s yours.....We Are Louder, I thought, was appropriate.”

“We were louder. Peace,” his son Zachary wrote on Twitter.

So, I guess the consensus is that the noise was notable. I mean, it was long enough that when I stepped into an elevator after the handshake line, my ears were humming a bit.

“Me too,” Alzner said. “I could barely hear Bruce’s speech at the end.”

And what did Bruce say in that speech?

Congratulations,. that’s only one,” Alzner told me. “That was pretty much it.”