A few hours after HBO first showed the Caps fist-pumping to DJ Pauly D in a victorious dressing room, I wrote that the tune “was sure to become a staple of the rest of this season.”


It led to DJ Pauly D interviews, an appearance at Verizon Center, dozens or thousands of fans playing the tune to celebrate on their own, and group fist-pumping at Verizon Center as the dance anthem is played over the PA system.

So after the Caps dispatched the Rangers in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I jokingly asked Karl Alzner if they had Beaten That Beat Up in the victorious dressing room.

“We haven’t been Beating That Beat too much lately,” Alzner told me, as my jaw presumably fist-pumped its way to the floor. “We started losing a few and we changed it. I don’t even know what the name of the [new] song is; some rap song.”

Well, clearly “some rap song” was not enough information, so I went to the practice facility on Wednesday. Never say I don’t ask the hard questions.

“Who said that?” Brooks Laich asked, when I mentioned this breaking news. “Do you believe Karl? Karl’s a rookie. Never listen to rookies. Seen, not heard.”

I pointed out that Alzner isn’t technically a rookie.

“He’s a rookie to us,” Matt Bradley interjected. “Age doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

Fine, fine, but what about Beat That Beat?

“That was like four months ago,” Matt Hendricks said.

The victory anthem “always changes,” John Carlson confirmed. “It’s not set in stone.”

“Beat That Beat” had a good run of a month or two, I was told, but like Alzner said, once the losing returned, the song went on hiatus. At least one player said “not at all” when I asked if it was missed. And the replacement?

“I honestly don’t know what it is,” Bradley said. “You know, it’s only on for [about] two minutes.”

“I think it’s Rick Ross,” John Carlson said.

“I don’t even know who that is,” Hendricks said.

“What’s a Rick Ross?” Laich asked.

“That could be it,” said Alzner, the only person I talked to who managed to answer these questions. “ That sounds familiar. Rick Ross, Hustlin’, I think? Every day I’m hustling.”

And so I asked Alzner whether you can at least fist pump to this new victory anthem.

“You can’t really fist pump to that song, no,” he said. “I don’t know what you do. You’ve got to know the lyrics and just start singing along to it. I know some of the lyrics; I can’t sing ‘em, though. Too many bad words in that song.”

(If it isn’t clear, 75 percent of the quotes in this item were said in jest. We’re all getting a little punchy. “Ask some serious questions,” Bradley told me, though he wasn’t being serious when he said it. Then I asked Laich what he would ask in my shoes.

“Nothing,” he said. “I wouldn’t come to the rink.”)