Saturday night’s Nats game was a never-ending succession of weird stuff, and it never got weirder than the bottom of the ninth, when fan (reportedly wearing Nats gear) jumped onto the field and sprinted toward Bryce Harper in the middle of Henry Rodriguez’s pretty frickin bueno implosion. Via Kilgore:

The Dodgers smacked three consecutive hits and scored a run off Rodriguez. In the middle of that, a fan jumped out of the right field bleachers and sprinted across the outfield toward Harper before a dozen cops tackled a few feet away from the left fielder. Harper stood still.

“I probably would have leveled him if he came up to me,” Harper said

Here’s some video. Yup. Weird.

Well, maybe not as weird as the Dodgers fans mooning the camera during Harper’s first hit. But still. Weird.

Below, find classy Dodgers fans shouting “You Suck” and “BOOO” and “Hit ‘em!” during Harper’s first MLB at-bat.