(Julio Cortez/AP)

On Aug. 4, there’s a Bryce Harper Garden Gnome giveaway, presented by Beaver Creek Antiques and Guy Property Management.

And on June 23, there’s a Civil War Weekend Bobblehead, presented by the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Those both beat out the Suns Drink Koozie, in my estimation.

Being an intrepid blogger, I of course asked for an image of the Harper gnome, but was told the item is still in production. If you’re a Nats fans and you don’t desperately crave a Bryce Harper garden gnome, we probably can’t be friends.

As for the Civil War bobblehead, I asked who it will feature.

“It will portray a historical figure who was important in this region during the war,” a team official responded. “That information will be revealed at a press conference later in the season when we have the bobbleheads in hand.”

If anyone cares to guess...I mean, this one is probably beyond my pay grade.

For the record, there’s also a Bryce Harper Replica Jersey giveaway, presented by Antrim Way Honda, on Aug. 25.