When you consider that 106.7 The Fan carries both the Junkies and the Nats, this is pretty much the most 106.7 The Fannest thing ever.

And if, for some reason, you are not familiar with “Cised,” Urban Dictionary is here to help.

1) Filled with immense joy or delight; ecstatic. DC Metro area slang that is most comparable to the word stoked.

2) To be overjoyed or enthusiastic about something (e.g. a hip song, television show, that fly girl on the school bus)....Predominate usage peaks in junior high, ceases altogether by age 15. Yo, I’m cised about the seventh grade class trip to Kings Dominion!

3) A word used entirely too much by the 99.1 WHFS Sports Junkies.

4) I totally agree that this is a word that is used way too much by the WHFS Sports Junkies. I would be cised if they stopped using that [bleeping] word for one day.