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Surely you remember this tale, from a Mike Wise/Michael Lee story:

Arenas, a notorious practical joker, often crossed the line of acceptable decorum. The example often cited was how Arenas once defecated in teammate Andray Blatche’s shoe during Blatche’s rookie season.

Well, Arenas wants to set the record straight.

“It was just dog doo-doo in it,” he told USA Today. “It was really dog doo-doo....I took his sole out, threw it under there, put the sole back on and threw the baby powder on there so he couldn’t smell it.”

Out on Parole

If you were hoping to hear fond reflections on the Wizards, well, nah.

“What’s funny is when JaVale and Nick got traded this year, they called me and said, ‘We out on good behavior. Dray went up for his parole hearing and got denied,’” Arenas told the paper. “We make a joke about it.”

JaVale’s Gambling Debt

I can’t remember if I knew this, but the debt that started the whole Arenas-Crittenton beef was incurred by none other than JaVale McGee.

Arenas, 30, had previously declined to go into great detail. This is what he says happened:

Then-Wizards center JaVale McGee had beaten Crittenton out of $1,100 in a card game. Wizards guard Earl Boykins loaned McGee $200. McGee didn’t immediately pay back Boykins as he won the money and an argument blossomed. Arenas says he wasn’t involved in the actual bet.

Then when Crittenton yelled at McGee, Gilbert stepped in. What a weird resume McGee compiled in D.C.

The End of Zero

I know this might not come out to fans amidst all the tomfoolery, but from the little I know of him, Arenas struck me as one of the most introspective, weirdly intelligent and self-analytical athletes I’ve ever talked with. That seems to have continued.

He now tells fans “that’s not me,” when asked about Agent Zero, and here he is, talking about the end of Zero.

“My image, I don’t want to rebuild it. What was it before? If you really think about it, it was an erratic, eccentric player. The image I built was the image I was selling. I was selling the Agent Zero product,” Arenas said. “What you see on the court is not who the person is. That’s what they’re showing you. All that Twitter, that’s product placement.”

It all makes me sad. Now go read the whole story.