(The least predictable thing that happened was that after being down 6-1, the Nats rallied late to beat the Cardinals in front of a large and loud home crowd. Luckily, we have baseball reporters to cover that, leaving me free to post pictures of people standing in line.)

Anyhow, the above image shows the line shortly before the game started. It’s from @JDLand, who reported that about 15 people joined the line while she was typing.

By late in the game, @JDLand wrote that the “line still long-ish at Shake Shack, but you can walk right up to the other three new joints.” So if you really wanted the Box Frites with Rosemary Ranch dipping sauce, no problemo.

As for the main attraction, “the line for Shake Shack took about 30 minutes close to game time through the seventh inning. That is pretty similar to Ben’s Chili Bowl when the park opened in 2008. Go early,” Nats News Network reported.

By the way, if you were uncomfortable with Nats COO Andy Feffer describing the new Village Square deal as his stadium’s defining element, he clarified to We Love DC:

I would say that we can walk and chew gum at the same time. The two feelings are mutually exclusive, but they’re also together. We have focused on the field. We have Adam LaRoche, although he’s hurt; we signed Jayson Werth; we traded for one of the best catchers, you don’t think the Twins would like to have Wilson Ramos back?...There’s a compelling story here that not only are you seeing great young talent come up on the field, but the experience you have when you come to watch should also enhance that. This franchise is only 7 years old, and its ability to deliver both on the field and with the fan experience should both be important.

In an interview with MASN’s Debbi Taylor, Feffer also said that “this is the hottest new destination in Nationals Park,” and that “I think we’ve got some of the best food in baseball right here at Nationals Park. It’s new, it’s innovative and our fans are gonna love it.”