That was Morris Siegel’s lede in The Post’s sports section of April 25, 1951.

“Kuzava, checking in with his second straight success of the young season, shackled the Hub’s heavyweight hitters with six hits as the Nats pounded Bill Wight, Kuzava’s teammate at Chicago last year, for nine to end Boston’s three-game winning streak,” Siegel continued.

Why are you reading a 61-year old game story? Because that, believe it or not, was the last time a Washington Major League Baseball team finished its sixth game of the season with a record above .500.

There have been 28 Aprils with baseball in Washington since ’51, and in 27 of them, the D.C. baseballers failed to have a winning record through six games. Thirteen times, they were 3-3. Eleven times, they were 2-4. Twice they were 1-5, and once they were 0-6.

And now they’re 4-2. Undoing 61 years of six-game failures? That’s Natitude. Well, that and playoff predictions and dynasty talk and eight-pound StrasBurgers.

Kuzava gave up three homers back in that ’51 game, including a 410-footer to Ted Williams, but he went nine innings and got the win. At one point, Kuzava retired 15 straight Boston batters, which is actually better than the 10 straight Stephen Strasburg put down on Wednesday afternoon in New York.

“Griffs Whip Bosox, 7-5,” was the jump headline in ‘51. Beat that, 2012 Post copy editors.

Eddie Yost had three hits, and Irv Noren and Gene Verble both had two-run doubles in the seventh, “when the Nats made things unpleasant for the Sox and 8,334 of their rooters by sending ten men to the plate in a four-run rebellion,” Siegel wrote.

The AP account was similarly effusive.

“The Senators showed little respect for the highly esteemed Red Sox today, scoring a 7-5 victory behind the six-hit pitching of Southpaw Bob Kuzava,” the wire service’s account began.

And what happened next, you’re wondering? Those 1951 Griffs, or whatever, went to 7-1 and 12-6, before beginning their slow and inevitable slide to awfulness. They finished 62-92. But they always had their Bob Kuzava Day.

Here are the six-game records of Washington baseball since then.

2011 2-4

2010 3-3

2009 0-6

2008 3-3

2007 1-5

2006 2-4

2005 3-3

1971 3-3

1970 3-3

1969 3-3

1968 2-4

1967 2-4

1966 1-5

1965 3-3

1964 2-4

1963 2-4

1962 2-4

1961 2-4

1960 3-3

1959 2-4

1958 3-3

1957 3-3

1956 2-4

1955 3-3

1954 3-3

1953 2-4

1952 3-3

1951 5-1

1950 4-2