“I’m nuts about the Nats!” Charlie Brotman sang back in 2004, when the team’s logo and name were first unveiled. “I’m nuts about the Nats! I’m crazy ’bout the Senators, and nuts about the Nats.”

Brotman, the longtime Washington sports PR operative and former Senators PA announcer, eventually went beyond mere press conference singing. He wrote a song called “Nuts About the Nats” — with music by famed TV theme composer Edd Kalehoff, who did the theme songs for Monday Night Football and Double Dare, among many other accomplishments. The Nats’ anthem debuted in April of 2008, shortly after Nationals Park opened.

“The lyrics for the song are meant to capture the fans’ excitement, the rush of emotion and the fun and good times they are experiencing,” Brotman said in a press release back then.

The response was mixed.

“It’s a little corny, but it’s ours,” a WaPo fan blogger wrote.

“It’s so old fashioned and kid-like,” a commenter added. “Nuts about the Nats is a refreshing, and hopefully timeless, little ditty.”

“It’s an absolute train wreck nightmare abortion fever dream,” the blog Why I Hate D.C. countered.

The song never exactly disappeared — it’s been played in various forms over the years, including an instrumental version and one on the organ — but it came back strong in the most recent homestand. The full song, with vocals, has been played before every game on the current homestand. I asked the team what caused this development.

“As every season progresses, the Nationals continue to incorporate a variety of gameday elements at Nationals Park,” a spokeswoman e-mailed. “Whether it’s alternating the music selection, scoreboard graphics or formats for the Presidents Race, we’re frequently trying out different things. This particular version of Nuts About the Nats is just another way to keep the gameday experience fun and lighthearted for fans of all ages.”

I should add that the song was already fresh in my mind thanks to two lunatics nice guys on Twitter, who send out a link to the ditty after every Nats win.

 “Honestly, I think it’s a great campy song in the tradition of Meet the Mets and Go Cubs, Go,” one of them explained on Friday. “And I think it’s great if the club wants to be associated with it.”

Me too. Very great.