Carpenter’s bat was a Goose Goslin model. F.P. had a Bucky Harris. Both seemed pretty happy to be thus armed.

So the game went on, and the Nats fell behind 5-1, and Matt Cain was cruising, right into the 7th inning. And with one out in the 7th, this happened.

“You know what tonight’s MASN mobile word of the day is?” Santangelo asked.

“Nostalgia?” Carpenter guessed.

“Let me guess, rosin bag?” Santangelo tried. “Maybe 1924? Let’s see it boys. What is it tonight? Text Carp to 29292 for your chance to enter and win a meet-and-greet with Drew Storen. Just three more chances to play; the more you watch MASN the more chances you’ll have to win. Everybody text Carp.”

“Look what happens when you text Carp!” Carpenter said. “It’s out of here!”

“Just don’t throw me out of the booth,” Carpenter said, referring to last week’s Rally Napkin.

The next batter was Danny Espinosa. He homered, too. Suddenly, it was 5-3.

“And your Nats are not going quietly into this night!” Carpenter said.

“2-9-2-9-2!” Santangelo exulted.

“You’ve got some barrel in you, buddy,” Santangelo said. “Text Carp, all of the sudden two home runs and a near miss!”

(Via @RecordsAndRadio)