See, after numerous Nats homered this season, Desmond swooped in to take off their batting helmet during the celebration line. Nats Nation variously referred to this as removing the lid, scooping the bucket, undressing the head, exposing the canteloupe, and defrocking the melon, all of which are wondrous.

But as many have pointed out, this doesn’t just happen after home runs, and it doesn’t just involve Desmond. The Nats have a case of serial helmet snatching going on, with the latest example coming after Roger Bernadina scored on a throwing error Monday night.

As seen above, Bernadina’s melon is fully frocked as he begins accepting handshakes from a group that includes Desmond, a hooded Jayson Werth, Adam LaRoche and Chad Tracy. As he progresses down the line, though, Tracy (I think) swoops in behind, grabs that helmet, and makes off with it to some secret and sinister place. And no one so much as looks in Tracy’s direction. See below.

How I haven’t yet conducted 48 interviews about this is anyone’s guess.

(Via @primetimereds)