Bear in mind, in modern Wizards history, the team’s two worst finishes were the 19-63 season when Eddie Jordan was fired and Ed Tapscott manned a sinking ship, and the 19-63 Leonard Hamilton campaign. The former started the year 3-14, the latter 4-13. So this year’s version is en route to history.

Anyone, The Onion’s spoof sports-talking-head show tackled the Wizards this week, with the gimmick that the franchise was lobbying for a return to the lockout. Among the lines:

* The league-worst Washington Wizards are leading a charge for the NBA to resume its lockout.

* They’re as bad at fomenting dissatisfaction as they are at basketball.

* Nobody wants to be locked out when they get a chance to play against the Wizards.

* The best they can hope for is to just lock themselves out and let the league go on.

* They tried to go on strike Monday but got confused and wound up losing a close one to the Rockets.

Watch it here.

Meanwhile, national radio host Tony Bruno dropped this nugget on his twitter feed: “Cheese Wiz more appealing than the Washington Wiz and I hate cheese wiz.”

(That was via @RecordsANDRadio)