“My mask maker says he couldn’t make me just one Orange and Black mask, so I did what any normal person would do...I bought 50 of them!” the fan in question, who refers to himself as “Carne Cabeza,” wrote on his Facebook page earlier this season. (He held a happy hour at Federal Hill’s No Idea Tavern to give away the extras.)

After Sunday’s appearance, Mr. Cabeza has now gone to two Orioles games so costumed; “the first time I was mobbed so bad I never made it to my seats!” he wrote, in response to my inquiry.

The 31-year old told Yahoo’s David Brown that he got the sweet seats from a friend who got them through work, and that he didn’t put the mask on until he entered the stadium, for obvious reasons. He estimated that he posed for 200 photos at Sunday’s game, and also made several appearances on the television broadcast.

“I love Baltimore! We’re a fun town so I like to show that by having fun!” he wrote to me. “Also, I was born without a shame filter.”

I mean, maybe.

(Images via @Pangwin, @BMOREBrian, @aleveillee and @mathewbrown, who first brought this to my attention.)