Because I love to get all up in my colleagues’ business, and also because many of my readers seem to care as much about the D.C. sports media as they do about the D.C. sports teams, here are a few updates from a recent staff memo.

* Longtime Nats fans will recall that The Post has never had more than one full-time Nats beat writer, even when the Washington Times doubled up on the team. Well, no more.

“With the new baseball season upon us, and a buzz in the air about the hometown team, we have decided to add a second person to the Nationals beat,” the sports department’s top editors wrote in a memo last week.

“James Wagner will be joining Adam Kilgore at Nats Park and beyond as soon as the spring high school season ends. James has a sharp eye for stories and is not afraid to think outside the box in developing them. He filled in more than capably for Adam on the Nationals a number of times last summer, and his partnership with Kilgore will allow us to have two full-time Nationals writers for the first time.”

If this team turns out to be what everyone thinks it could be, I’m personally curious to see whether other local outlets follow suit in some way. Or whether they just talk about the Redskins.

* Speaking of which, there are also a few changes on the Redskins beat. You might have noticed Mark Maske’s smiling mug atop the Skins Insider blog recently. Not a mistake!

“Mark Maske has moved full-time to the Redskins beat, joining Mike Jones,” the memo said. “Mark will still keep tabs on NFL news, but his contacts around the league and experience working with the Redskins in the past will add even more depth to our coverage in what now promises to be a very interesting year. Rick Maese and Barry Svrluga will continue to devote a good deal of the autumn to the Redskins and NFL, helping us chronicle the fortunes of our local franchise. They also will be training their eyes on other stories during the year, adding fresh perspective to our teams and athletes and at times looking beyond to other topics.”

Dan Snyder was asked last year if he had a good relationship with any local media members; “some,” he responded. “Mark Maske was terrific at the Washington Post for a long, long time.”

I’d recommend following Maske on Twitter, personally.

* Finally, the memo concluded that “Dan Steinberg will continue in his role of transcriber-in-chief and memo copy-and-paster, since no one else could possibly get as much mileage out of simply recycling other peoples’ words.”

Ok, not really. But it was implied.