* There have been 13 blocked field goals in the NFL this season. The Redskins, obviously, are responsible for nearly 25 percent of them.

* Since the start of the 2007 season, only twice has a team allowed at least three blocked field goals in a season. They Eagles had three blocked in 2008, and the Texans had three blocked in 2009.

* Since the start of the 2008 season, the Redskins have had five field goals blocked. That’s tied for the league lead with the Bears and the Eagles. Four teams have had four blocks. And 16 teams — half the league — have had fewer than three total blocked field goals over those three-and-a-half seasons.

* Mike Shanahan, of course, said the problem was with the kick, not the blocking. Via The Insider:

“It was more of a low kick than anything,” Shanahan said. “Their defensive line, there wasn’t a guy that was scot-free. I would say normally that ball is much higher in field goals [and] extra points. Usually a guy in that position doesn’t block a field goal. The kick was a little bit lower than normal.”

And I’m obviously no special-teams coach, but above is an image of the block nabbed by Eric Bickel. At least one Redskins lineman seems to be on his back in the middle of the line.

* In another completely unrelated but also depressing stat, Trail of Burgundy Tears points out that the Redskins have now had at least one three-game losing streak in 12 consecutive seasons.