It also prompted this e-mail from Reader Tyler:

Your post yesterday about the Redskins’ stellar record vs. NFC finalists reminded me of something I did while I was bored in my office a few months ago. I was thinking of how it seemed like the Skins had scored a lot of regular season wins over eventual Super Bowl champs in the Snyder Era, so I tallied all such victories by all teams dating back to the 2000 season. The Redskins are currently in a three-way tie for first place, with four regular season wins over the eventual champ during that span.

Really? Well, I went back and checked Tyler’s work, and he’s absolutely correct.

The 11 Super Bowl champions in that span had a total of 45 regular-season losses, but six teams are responsible for nearly half of those losses:

Dallas 4

Miami 4

Washington 4

New England 3

Pittsburgh 3

Tennessee 3

Dallas and Miami went a combined 0-3 against the Giants this season. The Redskins, of course, went 2-0. So if the Giants win two more games this season, the Redskins will be comfortably on top.

“I believe these statistics have absolutely no meaning other than to confirm that being a Redskins fan under Dan Snyder is a baffling, maddening, and ultimately heartbreaking proposition, and that all signs of hope should be dismissed and ignored,” Tyler’s note concluded. “HTTR.”