Since Danny Smith joined the Redskins in 2004, the special teams coach has purchased an array of “Hit Sticks,” which are passed around to the special teams player who authored the biggest hit in the team’s most recent victory. That player’s number is plastered onto the stick, and at the end of the season, whichever player’s number is on there the most gets to take the stick home for good. Then a new stick arrives the following year. This year’s model came from Jamaica.

And the above picture shows special teams captain Lorenzo Alexander, in a John Carlson jersey, holding the hit stick inside what appears to be the Verizon Center garage on Monday evening.

“Thought about bringing the hit stick but the CAPS been hard nose all series. Self Motivated!” he wrote on Twitter.

That was before Game 3. After the stuff that took place on the ice that night, I think he might want to bring the hit stick inside the arena on Thursday. At least use it to gesture in Milan Lucic’s direction.

Below, Alexander takes to the ice before the game.


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