“Very excited bout the new indoor facility goin up @ Redskins park!” kicker Graham Gano tweeted. “No more practicing @ Lifetime or in aircraft hangers!”


“Very cool, the Redskins will practice indoors in this facility next year,” Larry Michael said on Redskins.com TV. “It will have a regulation 100-yard field inside, it’ll be 96-feet tall on the inside, field turf the surface inside....Now, the inside of the bubble needs some work obviously, for the field to be laid in. But just to see it there, the first indoor facility ever for the Redskins, and it is a beauty.”

(Images taken from the Skins blog, Redskins.com TV and from Chris Russell’s Twitter feed. The last image is before it was all the way completed, but it’s hauntingly appealing. As practice bubble photos go.)