The Final Whistle

Larry: And they’re headed to overtime!

Sam: And some of the people are heading home.

Sonny: Why?

Sam: Well, they just don’t want to be in the crowd with the traffic.

Larry: I don’t see anybody leaving, Sam.

Sam: Well, they’re coming up the aisle way.

Larry: He looks like he’s headed out to maybe get a beverage.

Sam: Ok. Or go to the bathroom.

Larry: One or the other.

Sam: Maybe both.


The Rivalry

Sam: Well, Roger Goodell knew what he was doing whenever he set up this schedule, to bring the Cowboys in here and to play the Redskins.

Sonny: Well, they play twice every year.

Larry: Every year since 1961.

Sam: Well, that was Pete Rozelle.

Larry: He knew what he was doing, too.


The Rules

Larry: Redskins will have it first and 10 at their own 18. We are in overtime at FedEx Field.

Sam: Does that mean the first team that scores wins?

Larry: That’s exactly right, Sam. We’ve been through it a couple times, I know, with you.

Sam: Well, that’s good. I just want to make sure.

Larry: First team that scores wins.

Sam: Ok. Well, the Redskins have the ball, so you’ve got a good shot.


The Missed Field Goal

Larry: We are ready, this is it, from 52 yards out. The kick is on the way, he’s got the distance, and heeeeeeeee.....

Sam: He’s got it!

Larry: He missed it! He missed it wide right!

Sam: He missed it?

Larry: He missed it wide right, so the Cowboys will take over.

Sam: I thought it went through?

Larry: Wide right.