Indeed, I wrote a few items predicting a minuscule crowd during the week, and it probably turned out better than I thought. The announced attendance was 68,370, making it the fourth-smallest home crowd of the Daniel Snyder Era. (Three of the seven smallest have come in Mike Shanahan’s tenure, which is odd, even considering the party deck reduction.)

The above image was taken after the Vikings went up by 10 points with four minutes left in the game. By then, a good number of fans had likely started heading for the exits.

Other than that, there were a mess of images from just before or just after kickoff, although many fans reported abnormally slow security lines that delayed their arrival. These images come via @GWallaceWTOP, CNBC, and @BarrySvrluga.

Also, the Redskins finished the 2011 campaign with a 2-6 home mark, as Ryan O’Halloran noted. That tied their worst previous home mark under Snyder.