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The Redskins’s division title drought


So here are some horrendously depressing lists.

Longest Playoff Drought

Buffalo (1999)

Cleveland (2002)

Oakland (2002)

St. Louis (2004)

Jacksonville (2007)

Tampa Bay (2007)

Washington (2007)

Longest Division Title Drought

Cleveland (1989)

Detroit (1991)

Buffalo (1995)

Jacksonville (1999)

Washington (1999)

Fewest Playoff Berths Since 1999

Buffalo 0

Cleveland 1

Detroit 1

Houston 1

Arizona 2

Jacksonville 2

Washington 2

(The leaders are Indianapolis with 10, New England and Philadelphia with 9, and Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Green Bay with 8.)

Fewest Division Titles Since 1999

Buffalo 0

Cleveland 0

Detroit 0

Jacksonville 0

Washington 0

Houston 1

New York Jets 1

(The leaders are New England with 9, Indianapolis with 7, and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with 6.)

Longest Drought Since Scoring 35 Points in the Regular Season

Washington 92 games

Cincinnati 41

Cleveland 34

Tennessee 25

Kansas City 21

St. Louis 21

Indianapolis 20

Minnesota 20

Arizona 19

Tampa Bay 17

(Every other team reached 35 points at least once this season.)

(Also, as The Washington Times’s Dan Daly pointed out after I published this, the last time the Skins reached 35 points came in overtime. If you exclude OT, their streak is actually 97 games.)

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