One of these fans — @JackoBeam on Twitter — sent an idea to another — @JWerthsBeard on Twitter — suggesting a Photoshop involving Ross Detwiler, Edwin Jackson, and a movie poster for “The Other Guys.”

“That’s just how the national media views those other guys,” the former wrote to me by way of explanation. “Thought it was perfect.”

Now, these two Nats fans don’t know each other in the real, non-Natitude world. They’ve never met, and don’t know each other’s real names. I know who @JackoBeam is, but he doesn’t like to mix his real name with his online fandom, so we’ll keep it weird.

But the Internet is always keeping it weird. And so @JWerthsBeard made the above image over the weekend — substituting Detwiler’s head for Will Ferrell’s and Jackson’s for Mark Wahlberg — and then posted it on Facebook. He/she also sent it to Jackson on Twitter, with the caption “No Strasburg? No problem!” A bunch of Nats fans retweeted the image.

And then? Magic. Via Boz:

Above Detwiler’s locker is a poster from the action comedy cop movie “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg flying through the air, dressed in suits, but karate kicking while firing a pair of pistols apiece. But Detwiler and Edwin Jackson’s faces have been photo-shopped in place of the movie stars, courtesy of Jackson’s fiancée.

“Which one am I?” Detwiler said. You’re Ferrell. Finally. Be happy.

The running theory is that Jackson’s fiancee saw the image from either Facebook or Jackson’s Twitter account, and then presented the print-out to Detwiler. Unless Jackson’s fiancee is actually @JWerthsBeard. Either way, this was anonymous internet fans connecting with real-life baseball players at its finest.

UPDATE: Via the Nats:

“Edwin’s fiancée emailed them to my fiancée,” explained Detwiler of the origin of the photo. “Then she sent it to me, I forwarded it to (Nats Advance Scouting & Video Coordinator) Erick Dalton and he printed it out for me.”

And so now other Twitter folks are sending a rush of similar Photoshop ideas to @JWerthsBeard, perhaps with the hopes of similar fame. There’s a Scooby Doo idea. A Fantastic Four idea. An Office Space idea. And so on and so forth.

“Photoshops are bringing Natstown together,” @JackoBeam wrote.

Yup. Call it Photoshopitude. And someone get Edwin Jackson’s fiancee on Twitter.

(First blogged by Nats Enquirer.)