(Ann Heisenfelt/AP)

I sat down with Gio Gonzalez to learn some new things about him. Gio likes to talk. A lot. So much so that I lost count on how many stories he told me. Which is why The Ten with Gio is actually The Nine.

So, here’s nine things you don’t know about Gio. I owe you one.

1. I won’t eat octopus, like, live octopus and stuff like that. Insect, fried insects or any of that kind of stuff. Don’t even talk about it with me. That’s disgusting.

2. I remember when I was in eighth grade and I was in this theater class. And I remember one time we were doing a play and my boy lifted up my leg and my pants just ripped down the middle in front of everybody. It was so funny because it almost looked like it went with the play. I ran to the back and said “Hey, I’m done. No more of this play. I’m out.”

3. When we were younger we went to this gas station and my brother and I – we were kind of like, bad boys at the time – we stole all the candy in the gas station. My older cousin told on us and my mom asked where we got all the candy. We told her we found it. She was like, “You found two backpacks full of candy to the top. Yeah, that makes sense.” I blamed it on my brother and he got in trouble. I weaseled out of it.

4. When I was older, about the time I was drafted by the White Sox, I remember talking to my mom about this homeless guy, we called him Joe, and he was always right by 103rd when you get off the bridge where I lived. And he would always walk around and every time I saw him, I always gave him money. And I always spent time talking to him, so it wasn’t like “Here you go” and move on with my life. I’d even hold up traffic talking to this guy. It got to the point where I was like “Mom, I want to help this guy out.” He would always tell me he wanted books, so I went to school and told everyone, listen, take care of this guy. It got to the point where he got nothing but books and food and money. My biggest dream, if I ever signed a big contract, was to help start a new life for him but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.

5. I will never get rid of my Hialeah T-Bred shirt. I will never lose that. Even though it looks like “extra smedium” on me, I will never ever give it up.

6. I will vacation anywhere there’s tiki huts on top of water.

7. When I got to the big leagues, my first purchase was my beach condo, a Mercedes and four scooters.

8. Fogo de Chao and The Capital Grille are my two favorite places to eat in Washington, D.C.

9. My perfect date, we’d have to go to a theme park. We have to ride roller coasters. Then miniature golf, end it by going somewhere to the beach for a great dinner on the beach. The rest you can use your imagination.