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Ivan Carter, the former Wizards beat writer and current famous Comcast SportsNet personality, mentioned on both Twitter and SportsTalk Live that one of his favorite Blatche stories involved nachos, Antawn Jamison and the Miami Heat.

I couldn’t really remember what he was talking about. So I went back to the original item Ivan wrote for our Web site concerning the incident in question.

Here it is, from August of 2007:

I’m reminded of an episode from last season. We were in Miami. Pregame. Jamison walks into the locker room fresh from a round of lifting weights and getting up extra shots. He spots Andray sitting in front of his locker stall munching down a plate of nachos and generally sporting the look of a guy getting ready to watch a game rather than play in one.

Antawn, looking down at Andray: “You have a $16 million contract already or did I miss something?”

Andray offers a blank expression but knows where this is going.

Antawn: “You came over on the second bus right? I’ve never come over on the second bus. I’m a vet but I always come over on the first bus, don’t I?”

(Translation: Teams typically roll from the team hotel to the arena in two groups. The first group usually consists of guys who want to get settled early, take extra shots when the court isn’t so full and lift weights. Jamison is always on the first bus.)

Andray: “I got extra shots up at shootaround.”

Antawn just shook his head and started getting ready for the game.

Ivan concluded the entry like this: “Bottom line: every person in that lockeroom and every person in that front office understands that Andray Blatche has the potential to be a terrific basketball player. At the same time, they all have questions about his desire, work ethic, maturity level and overall approach to the opportunity that is sitting right in front of his face.”

This was in August of 2007. Nearly five years ago. And it still sounds pretty accurate.

Ok, now I’ll stop.


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